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Why Journalmaker?
Growing feature set, expanded member participation

Standard Features

Journalmaker℠ is
  • browser-based periodical editing with integrated and automated
    • flexible page formatting
      - use built-in styles or your own CSS
    • database management of text and graphics
    • content archive
  • flexible content management
    • optional advertising systems
    • table of contents
    • article lists, sections (departments), searching, archiving
    • photo gallery with multiple albums (collections, photo essays)
    • forms, polls, surveys, questionnaires
    • integrated podcast manager
    • sidebars, and inline extras in table of contents
    • integrated site builder for clients with all the same features
    • fundraising opportunities
  • a perfect solution for
    • community newspapers: weekly, biweekly...
    • special interest magazines, periodic, occasional...
    • affinity groups: churches, schools, fraternal and social organizations, NGOs...
    • industrial groups: companies, trade associations...

Advanced Features

The Journalmaker system offers optional automated tools for advertising and other web-based information services for your readers, members, sponsors or constituents. We are constantly developing enhancements to the basic system. You can choose any or all of the following, or we can build special tools just for your publication. Many have real revenue potential.
Members Module
Register readers (members) and assign interactive privileges and foster member (social) networking.
Member tools include
  • member to member messaging with email privacy
  • personal journals (blogs)
  • personal updates (similar to Twitter)
  • audio-video embedding of external (e.g., YouTube) content in personal pages
And for the administrator
  • comprehensive list management and mailing options
  • optional maiden name integration
  • optional alumni features
  • mailing to all or subgroups
Paypal Integration
Your gallery can perform double duty as an online catalog. Fill in the blanks for price, tax, shipping, etc., and create a shopping cart that your visitors can use to buy from you.
Add audio-video podcasts and let your audience carry the news with them on any MP3 player or download to their computer.

Revenue Tools

The Journalmaker system offers optional automated tools for advertising.
Business Directory
Publish your own directory or  yellow pages . This can be a community service or a revenue center as you choose.
In line Advertising
Classified ads mirror the conventional print medium but add direct contact tools for the seller.
Banners can be placed in predefined or special locations. They link to information on your site (e.g, full screen ad, order form...) or to the customer's own site. If the customer has no site, another business opportunity exists to leverage your own web design skills.
Third-party ads can be "windowed" (e.g., Google or Double Click) simply by creating text components and inserting the provider's HTML/CSS content.
Customer Web Sites
Web sites (online brochures) can complete the package for users with no site of their own. This identification of the client with the magazine builds advertiser loyalty and tells your readership you're a full-service provider. Build the sites easily using the same toolkit you use for your own site.
Ancillary Communication and Commerce
Here are just a few possible endeavors
  • catalog(s) for the publication and the advertisers
  • web site editing services
  • custom services, including e-commerce, contracted through Journalmaker or local providers
  • Internet access (dial, satellite...) through our affiliated providers

Editorial Support

We've found that Journalmaker is easy and powerful enough that it adds only marginally to production activity, and that most publishers and editors do not require editorial support.

However, if your staff hasn't the time or inclination to edit your online edition, we can provide support by experienced text and graphic editors. Monthly or per-edition contracts are available.


  • unlike lots of web-folk, our contract editors know the difference between its and it's and among there, their, and they're.
  • they also know their way around conversion to the Web from desktop publishing tools like Pagemaker and Photoshop, and
  • they find no remaining mystery in acronyms like JPEG and GIF, PNG and TIFF.
  • on average, they'll spend less time on task than part-time or occasional users, so although their hourly rate is above average this an efficient and cost-effective alternative to do-it-yourself

QA Just need quality assurance?
We can arrange to have an experienced, professional editor monitor your publication and either (a) make corrections with consultation or (b) contact you with suggested corrections.

Each publication is different. Please ask your Journalmaker representative about this service and associated fees.

Of course, taking advantage of these opportunities requires a commitment to developing your internal sales effort. The Journalmaker team can consult with you on adapting your current marketing program to include your online publication. Your Journalmaker representative can tell you more.