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Screen shot of typical home page.
Screen shot of typical home page.
A typical social network site consists of a home page, any number of informational pages, tools such as blog, calendar, contact form, and an unlimited number of member pages.

Design (layout, color scheme, etc.) are largely under the control of the group's editor. An owner-editor familiar with HTML/CSS can vary the design even more. Most content management at the site level requires little more than copy & paste and can be delegated to assistant editors who can change content but not design.

The home page is customized to needs of the group. Major sections are automatically linked, and content can be pulled from inside the site.

Screen shot of sample profile page.
Sample member profile.

Member Services

Each member has a personal profile with descriptive information an optional biography or résumé, a comment form with optional feedback from other members, and other client-defined content in optional layouts, with automatic matching to the sitewide color scheme and linkage.

Comments on the profile can at the site's option be echoed on the home page or on a running dialog page. Comments ("updates") can be expanded to longer articles in the member's journal. The editor can "promote" exceptional member commentaries and articles to the site blog.

A member to member messaging system lets individuals communicate directly and privately.

Member privacy is maintained by industry standard access controls.


The system is always under development to improve and add features. Thus the current live version may vary from the samples depicted here.