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Flexible Layout
Layout and other appearance features are under control of the edito. Individual publications can use a standard template, a modified standard template or a template built to order by our designers and technicians after consultation with your publishing team.

Online newspapers and magazines have generally settled on a few general formats. These are determined by the shape of computer display screens and the logic of web navigation. Journalmaker¬ô can accommodate nearly all variations with built-in tools, and special-purpose layout or navigation can be built to order by us or by you after training.

The following layouts of major national and regional publications are well within the capabilities of Journalmaker, which includes automated navigation by article, topic, section, etc., and reader-oriented tools like searching (with built in searching and/or Google...). Automated advertising can be based on local ad sales, or it can use pass-through techniques to provide windows for syndicated advertising systems.

(The screen views show designs that are the property of the respective publications and are used to show the variety of online publication layouts that are possible with Journalmaker. The screen shots on this page do not show Journalmaker guest publications. Examples of Journalmaker guest publications appear elsewhere on this site.)