Custom Programming Services
Content and customer relations management
In addition to its standardized publishing platform, the Journalmaker‚Ą† team has built custom systems for non-profits and businesses. Our particular expertise and emphasis lies in recycling and environmental remediation, but we have also worked in other industries.

The adjacent example shows a sample of screens from a system we built to manage collection of used restaurant cooking oil from restaurants, which is used for manufacture of biodiesel. In use since 2008, the system has served numerous affiliated collectors and about 40,000 restaurants in 40 US states.

A standard interface simplifies development and reduces cost. Modules include customer data, service history, scheduling, routing, reporting and payment administration (restaurants are typically paid for their oil).

Customer data includes account and branch location sub-modules. Locations automatically aggreate to the account level and link to reporting.

The history module enables our dynamic scheduling module, which automatically predicts of the next likely service at any given location, with increasing accuracy over time. Of course this may be overridden by a specific request.

A schedule service pool lists all impending services by expected volume and urgency. Locations may be selected for routing based on multiple criteria.

Routes may be static (recurrent) or dynamic. Static routes may be modified by one-time inclusion of unexpected requests.

Reporting is granular for customers, accounts, providers and jurisdictions. Each standard report has many optional criteria, and custom reports may be promptly added by our team.

A custom system can adopt the look and feel of your other publications or systems.

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