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Monetize Your Journalmaker Site


Our Gallery tool can be upgraded to serve as a simple catalog. Payment is easy using Paypal or we can customize a link to another payment service.

Your catalog can be private for members only, or it can be open to all. This decision, of course, should be predicated on your ability to fulfill purchases.


Options include
  • a business directory - similar to yellow pages - with searchable listings and an optional advertiser "brochure" page (our version of a full-page ad); additional directory options include a preview of graphical ads in other media and a coupon service

  • banner ads - sell and deliver your own banner ads (like the one you clicked to get here) - all revenue is yours to keep, or use it to offset hosting and support costs

  • national ads - use a text component to embed controls for ads from Google, AdClick, etc.

  • custom tools - let us customize ad locations in your site
Ask your representative for more details.

Banner Ads

(Italicized items represent policies that must be set by each publication along with rates.)

All automated banners appear in random rotation within their designated position on the site. There are no more than XX ads sharing any position. The minimum fee for banner advertising is $XXX.

All banner ad placements also include an upgraded listing in our directory in a single category for one year. Optionally, your directory listing can include a full-page "brochure" with a company description, coupon and preview of a print ad from another medium.


There are two formats and two styles.

Formats: (technically knowledgeable site operators can define other sizes)
  1. wide 468x60 pixels - standard; appears at top of pages; .
  2. column WWWw x HHh pixels - appears embedded in other content; width and height determined by site owner to fit page layout.
  1. text with linked title and footer to take the reader to your site
  2. clickable graphic with same text used as popup legend when user hovers the cursor; thus when a reader has graphics suppressed the ad still appears when hovered.


(Actual rate is set by advertiser.) Pay for running an ad in either of two ways:

Wide format, page top. For three months @ $XXX.
Column format, embedded. For three months @ $YYY.

PER CLICK: We call this our "guaranteed results" plan. You deposit a budget amount that is debited whenever the ad is clicked at $0.02 per page view and/or $0.25 per click. For example each $100 would buy you some mixture of 5,000 views or 400 clicks. The account is also debited at $15 per month.

A premium may apply for exclusive use of an ad location (e.g., sponsorship of the directory) or for the home page.

Thus a $300 ad would run for the greatest of (1) 300/15=20 months OR (2) 15,000 views OR (3) 1,200 clicks, whichever occurs first. You pay only for the service you get.

(Actual rates are set by each publication.)


If you submit your graphic electronically to our specification (e.g., 468h x 60w pixels, jpeg format), there is normally no charge for artwork. If you need artwork to create a graphical banner our rate is $85 per hour, minimum one hour with your source material and two hours for original art.

You may replace your banner up to XX times per year at no charge.

(A DIY feature is planned for late 2007, in which advertisers will be able to substitute artwork freely at any time. Policy on subsitution is defined by each publication.)


Interrupted service requires restart at $XX plus the periodic rate or per-click rate deposit.


Payment is in advance by electronic debit.

Cost of Banner Ads

Journalmaker Banner Ads are delivered at $0.01 per impression and $0.05 per click in addition to regular Journalmaker monthly fees. This surcharge covers bandwidth and continuing enhancements. Publishers should adjust their rates accordingly. Banner advertising is included in the standard Journalmaker service and is also available as a stand-alone purchase for other CIP Sitemaker users.

Business Directory

Our Business Directory uses a "yellow pages" style to feature sponsors and local businesses. It is searchable by name and keyword. It can be used in combination with banner ads, with the banner linking to the internal directory page and then out to the client's site.

This enhanced feature requires configuration and is not included in basic Journalmaker service.

Third-party Ads

Third-party ads, such as those provided by Google and Double Click, etc., can be embedded in many ways, most easily by adding a text component to any page and embedding the provider's code to retrieve and display the ad(s). As with Journalmaker banners, custom locations with automatic loading can be defined by the Journalmaker Team. This custom feature requires custom configuration and training.