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Member Services & Social Media

Member Services

Each member has a personal profile that enables the member to add links to other networks, brief updates and personal information as allowed by the site administrator. Member profile content may optionally be shared elsewhere on the site. This effectively turns the site into a social media network.

Member features include

  • posting brief personal announcements, comments, updates in their profiles
  • include images and links to additional information in updates
  • publish a personal journal with longer articles and HTML/CSS formatting
  • send member-to-member messages ("internal email")
  • create a biography and/or resume with downloadable PDF support
  • comment on other members' articles
  • join member-created groups as allowed by the administrator
  • (future optional extra features)
    • image gallery
    • business/sponsor directory listings

These features may be used both for personal contact and as an issues-tracking system if linked via an API to a companion application such as a personnel or work-flow management system. Member identities can be linked through our API to enable common login if desired.

Membership can be open or by invitation only, as defined by each member community's administrator.
All members have certain standard benefits, and custom benefits like direct access to features of a companion application through our API can be programmed by the Journalmaker team.

More Information

Member Management

Journalmaker supports an optional Membership system that enables site managers to
  • promote communication among members
  • allow or restrict access to selected elements of the site
  • allow members to perform certain content-management tasks
  • define groups or categories of membership
  • secure content by access control list protocols and site-specific rules
screen shot of member list
MEMBER MANAGEMENT. Click a member; edit content and permissions.

Other features of the system:
  • Included
    • Image Galleries
    • Discussion Forums
    • Multiple Calendars
    • Multiple Forms
    • Guestbook
  • and optional
    • Podcasting
    • Sound and Video Uploads
    • Business-Sponsor-Community Directory